Is There Aquaman Slots In The Future?


Aquaman is either a character comic book, and graphic novel enthusiasts love or hate. There does not seem to be a middle view of this DC Comics Universe character. It’s the same with people who love slots or hate slots. If you love slots and Aquaman is your guy, then you may be in ecstasy soon with Aquaman slots! With the scheduled release of the new Justice League movie fans are hopeful a slots title will be on the rise soon too.


Imagine a graphically rich bonus slot. Picture it featuring beautifully rende3red imagery of Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Talk about ripped muscled. This would make a reel image that would appeal to both male and female slot enthusiasts. This Icelandic villager is a reluctant superhero automatically enthralling him as an underdog type character with fans. Let’s not forget the whole Atlantean angle as Aquaman has a claim to the mere throne. Merfolk enthusiasts the world over would adore an underwater theme slot in the DC Universe mythology.

There are plentiful popular marine and underwater theme slots on the market already. Many include specific Atlantean themes. Yet none hold Aquaman as the focus, and it is about time this king had his heyday on the reels. Fans envision beautiful colors with imagery from under the sea. Picture a 25 to 50-reel slot explosion full of wilds and the seemingly simple countenance of Arthur Curry before his Aquaman status is on reveal.


The movie with Jason Mamoa as Aquaman is sure to be a hit. Featuring Patrick Wilson as his half-brother Orm and Amber Heard as Mera there is much to love about this upcoming venture. Cast on the reels these actors’ countenances brought to life in their rich glory is sure to please fans. It has been a while since a Justice League slot has launched as new and this is the perfect opportunity.

Atlantean Civilization has long been a slots theme of fan favorites. It’s a win, win situation to launch an Aquaman slot. The key is in obtaining the rights as a casino software developer. Fans around the globe hope this happens. Aquaman is not meant just for the silver screen but also for the virtual slots market. The character’s popularity can only grow with the launch of the film. Keep abreast of this development in DC Comic slot titles by checking back at our blog.