Atrocitus And Sinestro Red Lantern Slots


Imagine the villainous joy of Atrocitus and Sinestro in a 25 pay line slot. The Guardians of the Universe may shrink away at the enormity of this endeavor. Ryan Reynolds might even be jumping straight back into the Marvel Universe character of Deadpool to avoid this awesome slot with bonus rounds.


Atrocitus and Sinestra make a beautiful pairing for a slots game. Rich, violent reds to encourage action. Imagine that red energy and rage channeled into a 25 pay line slot with bonus rounds. What are you waiting for DC comics? Atrocitus first swore revenge on the Guardians of the Universe when his wife and children die brutally in front of him. He harnesses red power through blood rituals and a Power Battery. He inspires and leads the Red Lantern Corps. This is clearly a powerful DC Comic character that deserves a chance on the reels. He’d appeal to many adult audiences. There could even be a vault bonus option to unleash Atrocitus and allow his power to unveil on the reels.

Combine this charismatic character with that of Sinestro and you have a winner. Thaal Sinestro is another lantern who fell from grace. He believes all he does if for the good of the Universe, but this is a twisted view. His dedication to order created an overbearing dictatorship causing his ejection from the Corps. He feeds on the yellow energy of fear to combat the Guardians.


Are we noting a resonance to Las Vegas style slots? I mean, fear and anger are pretty close to fear and loathing. These characters seem a perfect backdrop for the underbelly of casino style slots. Why not share their glory on the reels in a virtual gaming environment? Those way players can embrace debauchery without real world consequences.

Clearly a cameo by the Green Lantern is an option in such a slot title. Something needs to balance the power of Sinestro and Atrocitus. However, maybe Green Lantern could be the wild. That would be an intriguing twist. Slots games from DC Comics are few and far between these days. Perhaps the developers get overpowered by the yellow energy of fear, but the fans are hitting the red energy of anger. They want more diverse DC Comic slot titles to enjoy. Will Atrocitus and Sinestro Vs The Green Lantern be the next title release to balance the energy of the Universe with awesome slot options?