Blade Slots Goes The Way Of A Dead Vampire


Blade Slots was one of the premier Marvel slots titles available to play at a variety of popular online casinos in recent years. Sites such as Betfred Casino, CasinoFly Casino and Betfair Casino were top picks for playing Marvel slots games such as Blade, X-Men, and the Incredible Hulk. However, along with Iron Man and other popular Marvel characters, Blade slots has disappeared from the internet except as a whisper of one of the great things gone by and a variety of reviews.


Why? Casino venues such as Betfair, CasinoFly and Betfred had to comply with licensing restrictions on Blade slots and similar Marvel slots games which were once the highlight of many only gamblers days. The jackpot connected slots title has been pulled from these sites due to Disney’s purchase of the Marvel character licensing and their family friendly policy which does not include gambling.

Just as Blade slays his vampire foes in the popular comic book and cinematic releases, Disney has slayed Playtech powered Marvel slots by deeming them not in line with the Disney ethos. This means that you will no longer be able to play the remarkable 25 payline slot. Most casinos removed Blade Marvel Slots from their rosters in early March of 2017 ending a long reign of awesome super hero slots on the web.


This has definitely placed a lack for players who enjoyed these well-crafted, graphically rich slots and are left instead with casinos that offer DC characters which have not been touched by the Disney brand as of yet. While many feel the loss of Blade, The Fantastic Four and Captain America slots among others, the casinos which embraced these Playtech powered icons in the gambling industry still have plenty to offer players in terms of exciting slots games with jackpot linked gaming. However, none quite stand up to the Marvel line…yet.

It is the hope of many in the industry that a way can be found around Disney’s block of Marvel slots in online casinos. Blade was able to return from the original 1998 release to slay us yet again in Blade 2 in 2002 and Blade Trinity in 2004. However, it remains to be seen if Blade will return to online slots as the rights reverted to Marvel Studios and have been consumed by the Disney family friendly policies in 2009 with their acquisition of this popular character’s rights.