Captain America Slots Loss and What’s Next


The fans of Captain America Slots will experience some serious disappointment. The once popular Marvel Slots game is not available for game play online anymore. The Marvel Comics brand is something now belonging to Disney. As a result, the popular casino "Captain America" game is no longer accessible. Disney is fulfilling its long-time promise to end Marvel Brand availability.


Fans Already Miss Captain America Slots?

Regrettably, it's a shame to see such an amazing game disappear from the virtual casinos. Its popularity was a testament to the game's appeal. It was also a testament to the remarkable software platform that Playtech provides. The formerly-available Marvel Slot title was an exquisite game in a visual sense.


The sound effects were realistic. It was all too easy to feel as if you were in the presence of your Marvel Comics hero! Once available in free and real cash modes, the game was once a source of limitless gameplay. With 20 paylines, bonuses, wilds, and tons of exceptional features, fans of the game will mourn its loss.

Why Disney Has Put an End to the Marvel Slots Line?

Disney owns Marvel Comics now. Everyone knows the company is a family-oriented brand. As a result, it seems the company feels casino games do not fit in with its family-oriented marketing. Thus, the company put into effect a phase out plan. When it came time to renew licensing, Disney put a stop to the Marvel Comic games and availability.

Captain America Slots is Among Other Causalities?

The Marvel Comics line Playtech once powered was nothing short of amazing. Now, all the Marvel titles are being pulled from the virtual casino environments. That’s a long line of well-loved games. First, fans of the older Marvel titles, like Blade and Elektra, will miss their favorite vamp slots. Second, if you are a fan of Iron Man, there’s a total of three Iron Man games Disney is pulling too. Third, those among us who appreciate X-Men titles, Wolverine and the X-Men Slots are now a thing of the past.

What’s a Marvel Fan to Do?

Of course, disappointment remains. After all, players are witnessing the loss the best virtual casino games ever made. Thankfully, as they say, "One door slams shut, and another opens." Playtech’s innovations are now set on making DC Comic games instead. In 2017, players saw the release Green Lantern with sweet graphics. More titles include Batman, Superman, and Flash casino slots.