The Dark Knight Was A Top DC Comic Slots


The Dark Knight Slots is DC comic themed game. When it comes to DC comic slots games people often think of the Playtech casino software platform. However, Microgaming offers two excellent titles that players enjoy. The first is The Dark Knight. The second is The Dark Knight Rises. Sadly, this due is no longer on offer through online casinos. The why is unknown, but industry sources speculate that it is due to Playtech’s success in the DC Comic market. It is likely contracts and licensing didn’t renew as was the case with Marvel comic slots.


About The Dark Knight Slots

Both the Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises had players excited about slots. These jackpot games came with 243 paylines and plenty of ways to win. The Dark Knight from Microgaming had several bonus features. The five-reel slot gave players a progressive jackpot wheel and a 2x multiplier. The high variance game added bonus rounds of up to 15 free spins. The Dark Knight Slots had great success before it got pulled in July 2016. Playtech currently has the market niche on Batman themed slots.


Alternatives to Dark Knight Slots

Currently, there are six Batman theme slots from Playtech. Each feature this caped super hero and one of his nemeses. Players enjoy Batman and Catwoman Cash as well as Batman and Mr. Freeze. Hours of entertainment get spent on Batman and the Batgirl Bonanza. Batman and the Joker Jewels is another popular offering in virtual slots. Of course, there are options for fans of the Penguin and the Riddler as well.

However, Playtech has yet to offer The Dark Knight version of the Batman saga on the reels. There are rumors in chat rooms about a launch in 2018. This is not a confirmation from Playtech developers. Whether a launch of The Dark Knight Slot happens in the future is a mystery.

In the meantime, players enjoy Playtech's DC Comic version of Batman slots. Top casinos such as Leo Vegas continue to promote their DC Comic line up of games. Join the casino to engage in your own favorite DC comic character slots. In addition to Batman you find Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. Each of these slots has fun bonus rounds and free spins on offer.

Explore your favorite Batman theme slot at Leo Vegas Casino. Perhaps one day The Dark Knight shows up on the reels there. Until then, Batman and your favorite villain will do.