DC Comics Suicide Squad Slot Is To Die For


Comic themed slot enthusiasts hold out hope for a Suicide Squad Slot. Rumors in early 2017 stated that Playtech was in development of such a reel. However, Playtech powered casinos do not have it in their roster yet. A Suicide Squad slot is a great concept for building the DC Universe more fully in the world of online casinos.


So, who would serve in the Suicide Squad line up? How about Rick Flag, Deadshot and Black Manta? Characters like the Enchantress, Reverse-Flash, Harley Quinn and Killer Frost would also make great additions to a slot game. Of course, no Suicide Squad slot would be complete without Captain Boomerang.

It would be wonderful to have a DC Comics slot along the lines of the Marvel slots of days of old. 243 pay lines are always fun. Connected progressive jackpots definitely entice players to spin and spin again. Let’s imagine the ideal Suicide Squad slots cast of characters.


Floyd Lawton is Deadshot in this exciting slot imaging. Picture an Assassin who first appears in Batman #59 in 1950. He then emerges as a Suicide Squad #1 character in 2011 hitting the reels. This villain definitely would pack some power into bonus rounds. It is easy to see Deadshot joined by Killer Frost aka Caitlin Snow. This cold-hearted temptress would make an appealing icon on the reels. She also offers some cool concepts for bonus rounds.

For a speed bonus round, consider the addition of Reverse-Flash. This character keeps things entertaining. You may know him as Daniel West or Eobard Thawne. He first appears in Flash #139 in 1963. So, this DC character has been around long enough to earn a place in Suicide Squad slots history.

Perhaps a Valentine release would be a fun way to launch such a slot title. Imagine the character Harley Quinn as a prime candidate on the reels. Former psychiatrist Harleen Quinn first showed in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. This DC comic villain steals the hearts of many a fan, who like her, love the Joker.

It is unknown if Playtech launches the Suicide Squad slot in 2017 as rumored. Of course, their offering may look much different than this imagining. One thing is for certain-with any of these fabulous DC characters on board, the slots game is a sure-fire hit.