Is There More After Thor the Mighty Avenger Slot


Fans of Thor The Mighty Avenger Slot will no doubt love the upcoming Thor movie. Thor: Ragnarok is due for release on the big screen in November 2017 to a patiently waiting fan base who can’t wait to see the rippling muscles of Chris Hemsworth in his embodiment of Thor on screen. However, Marvel slots enthusiasts have been waiting even longer for another exciting casino slots title featuring their favorite characters of Thor and the Incredible Hulk. It seems opportunity is knocking and the developers at Playtech may want to start listening to the buzz on the net that says Thor Vs Hulk Ragnarok slots would be well-received and well played.


Playtech succeeded with the Thor: The Mighty Avenger Slot which came out in 2012 to online casinos around the globe following the popular cinematic launch of Thor on the big screen. The Incredible Hulk slot launched around 2005 and has been satisfying players who truly enjoy the Hulk Smash bonus feature for more than a decade. With these winners on tap it would seem a marriage of these two popular Marvel characters would make a perfect merger on the reels and fans would be appreciative. Especially those who regularly play Marvel slots for online entertainment and real cash money wagers.

The issue with the development of new Marvel slots is that just like the big screen films, rights to further Marvel licensing is now linked with the Disney purchase in 2009. With their family friendly policy, Disney has been reticent to release new rights for Marvel slots games, and as a result popular developers like Playtech and the older slots titles from Cryptologic are not chomping at the bit to spend dollars developing new slots titles on the chance they may been Disney’s family friendly policies and anti-gambling stance. However, Disney is about the money too and there is no denying that a progressive slots title such as Thor Vs Hulk Ragnarok could net them a wonderful chunk of bankroll from families around the globe.

Hope remains in the online casino industry that a Thor Vs Hulk as well as other Marvel themed slots will one day be a reality. Playtech’s graphically rich, bonus packed Marvel slots are one of the top online slots and building on that moment just makes smart business sense. So, the question is, would you play Thor Vs Hulk Ragnarok Marvel slots? If so, maybe Disney needs to know the truth. It is a small world after all.