Many Feel Punished At Marvel Slot Loss


Frank Castle, born Frank Castiglione is the Punisher and a beloved Marvel slot characters for many. For those who like to live in the Universe where an eye for an eye justice seems not only proper but necessary. Marvel slot characters reign. Dolph Lundgren portrayed this Marvel slot character in the 1989 cinematic release. It was an ass-kicking outlaw-like superhero who took the hearts of many. Fans also saw a revamp of the character by actors Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson. Again, a new protrayal as the portrayal of a modernized Punisher in the Daredevil season two was released on television.


Disney Pulling the Plug on Marvel Slot Titles

So why is it that when you visit Betsoft or Betfair Casino there's no more Marvel comic slots. Playtech slots powered venues where once home to The Punisher. But you can no longer find your martial arts, military bad ass character of The Punisher and his popular 25 line slots title. Why?


The answer, in simple terms, is Disney.

In 2009, Disney bought Marvel Studios and gained the licensing rights for online Marvel slot titles. This means they took over The Punisher, The Avengers and Iron Man. Along with popular favorites such as The Incredible Hulk slots games, The Punisher began disappearing from online venues as they were forced to follow with ending contracts. At this point, there is no sign of renewal coming from Disney.

While The Punisher continued to be available until casino licenses ran out, as of March 2017 it is very difficult to find any casino online which keeps this slot available. Licensing has run out and Disney has decided not to renew access to online gambling options. This means Marvel slots featuring loved characters such as the Punisher will be missed.

This has left many die-hard fans at a loss for what slots games to play. They are left with DC characters as the only superhero slots on the market. For some, nothing will replace the power play feeling of The Punisher. Although unlikely, it is the hope of many online slots enthusiasts that a return of the Punisher and other Marvel Slot titles will happen in the future.

Disney and Family Values

So far, Disney is holding firm that their family friendly policies exclude any form of gambling. The future of The Punisher slots seems uncertain, but for now, it is a memory that many online gamblers will hold dear no matter if they played this Marvel slots title for free or for real cash money at their favorite online casinos.