Spidey Senses Saw Spiderman Marvel Slots Loss


Spiderman slots is a former Playtech powered offering. It was at one time available at the popular Playtech powered casino’s online. Fans of the game are disappointed in the loss, no doubt. The game was brimming with exciting features. Game immersion was a breeze. Free and cash mode play gave players many ways to play. The game was something one could enjoy without spending a dime. That meant the player could just enjoy their hero as he spun his web around the reels.


The minute Disney acquired the rights to Marvel Comics, it was easy to sense the demise of casino games with Marvel heroes. Realistically, Disney is only protecting its brand, which it has done for a long time. They’ve even denied land-based casinos a connection to their brand. Image is everything for the long-time family-focused company.

Disney Takes Over Marvel Comics Titles


Casinos like Bovada Casino, Bet365 Casino and Lucky Mobile Slots were offering 24 access to the Marvel Comics line of slots. The Spiderman slots title was just one of many. It’s unfortunate to see the line come to an end, but it was a long time coming.

Disney bought Marvel Comics and, with it, the rights to the Marvel Comics slots titles. The main problem with the acquisition is that Disney has a full focus on family oriented entertainment. Gambling and casino gaming don’t quite fall into that category. That is, unless the entire family is of legal gambling age. By then, Disney isn’t really looking at you as their main targeting market.

The Disney family niche doesn’t align with virtual casinos. Consequently, the company put into action a plan for the eventual phase out of Marvel Comics and any slots titles in the line. The final stage of that phase out plan is in effect. When it came time to renew the license for Marvel Comics, Disney opted out.

Playtech’s Recovery Plan and DC Comic Titles

No doubt, the diehard Marvel Comics fan is heart-broken right now. Playtech knows its fans well and was prepared to help diminish the all too painful loss of some of the virtual casino’s top games. Now the company has a license to make DC Comics games. Some of the coolest titles and gaming experiences are yet to be had by the diehard Marvel Comic fan. This is especially true if they haven’t given some of the newest games a shot yet. Titles including the Green Lantern, Spiderman, Batman, and The Flash promise amazing experiences on the virtual reels.