Slots News

  • Blackhawk Movie Turned Virtual Slots Machine

    With Stephen Spielberg set to tackle the cinematic version of Blackhawk, fans anticipate a future slot offering. Blackhawk has a base on Blackhawk Island. He heads the Blackhawk Squadron, a ...

    15 Jul 2018

  • Atrocitus And Sinestro Red Lantern Slots

    Imagine the villainous joy of Atrocitus and Sinestro in a 25 pay line slot. The Guardians of the Universe may shrink away at the enormity of this endeavor. Ryan Reynolds ...

    01 Jul 2018

  • You Win Casino Has Justice League Slots

    Justice League Slots is a DC Comics offering at You Win Casino. This virtual slot machine title has five reels and 40 paylines. It is a progressive slot that is ...

    15 Jun 2018